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DA Moniets Crystl

DA Moniets Crystl - Photo taken 5-25-05 by S. Harmon 

AHRA #554360
Chestnut-Roan Mare  -  April 10, 1998
Pure Egyptian  -  Sheykh Obeyd  -  Al Khamsa
Strain: Saglawiyah Jedraniyah Ibn Sudan

Sire & Dam Tested SCID Clear

DA Moniets Crystl - Photo taken 5-25-05 by S. Harmon

Sir White Moon
DB Destiny Moniet
Sierra Sady
DA Moniets Crystl
Dymoniet RSI
Chevence RSI


Crystl is the first replacement foal for her mother and only the second Sheykh Obeyd filly for her father. She is going to be a roan - and it is very disconcerting watching her shed out. She is out of a bay & a chestnut parent and it looks as if she is going grey. Cute trick - since we don't have a grey stallion on the property. She is a mover - and delighted in tormenting her crippled mother when she stretched out her legs and her mother was unable to keep up. We are hoping for great things from her and look forward to crossing her to Sonyet.


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