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DA Ginger Moon

Ginger in 2005

AHRA #554423
Chestnut Mare  -  June 28, 1998
Pure Egyptian  -  Sheykh Obeyd  -  Al Khamsa
Strain: Saglawiyah Jedraniyah Ibn A'Derri

Sire & Dam Tested SCID Clear


Sir White Moon
DB Destiny Moniet
Sierra Sady
DA Ginger Moon - "Ginger"
Kumence RSI
Kumoniet RSI

Ginger at 2 Years Old

It's a girl! Ginger arrived at 3:30 a.m. on the 28th of June, 1999. She is another Unicorn foal, so she is very special indeed. She has her father's blaze and white legs and her mother's exquisite head. She is a spicy little soul - very bright - and now it can be said that I have joined the ranks of those who "Ginger" their horses. She has lots of "go" and attitude. She is a special replacement to the Sheykh Obeyd program. In 2000 she decided to test her luck playing chicken with a motorcycle. Both she and the motorcycle rider (my son Sean) lost the game but survived with non-life threatening injuries.

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