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DA Elusive Melody

DA Elusive Melody - photo by Sheila Harmon 2009

AHRA #554358
Chestnut Mare  -  February 9, 1998
Pure Egyptian  -  Sheykh Obeyd  -  Al Khamsa
Strain: Saglawiyah Jedraniyah Ibn A'Derri

Sire & Dam Tested SCID Clear

DA Elusive Melody - photo by Sheila Harmon 2009

Sir White Moon
DB Destiny Moniet
Sierra Sady
DA Elusive Melody
Rasmon Nefous RSI
Song of Joy RSI
Kumence RSI


Melody is part of our Sheykh Obeyd program. She was kicked by another horse on June 13, 1998 and broke her knee. We are trying to salvage her as a broodmare - though it is a tragic waste as she had a beautiful high floating action. She is a light golden chestnut with ,lots of attitude - most of which is saying pet me first & most. She will wrap herself around you like a large cat, ensuring the most body contact possible. She has been very patient with all the work that was involved with treating her leg - I believe she knew we were trying to help her. As a yearling Melody decided to go walk-about - for 6 weeks!! After much searching we found her happily keeping company with a herd of cows 10 miles to the north of our place in some very rough country. Her opening number for 2000 was to run through a fence, cutting a gash in her throat and slashing both hind legs to the bone. After three hours of stitching and head shaking the vet says she will live, though he can't believe she did that much damage and didn't hit anything vital. My dad says we should call her "Lucky" - after all, she's still alive, isn't she?!    

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